Command-line options

The following command-line options are supported for the operator:

  • -kubeconfig the path to the kubeconfig file. Usually named config, it contains authorization information as well as the URL of the Kubernetes master.

  • -outofcluster run the operator on a client machine, as opposed to a within the cluster. When running in this mode, the operator cannot connect to databases inside the cluster, as well as call URLs of in-cluster objects (i.e. teams api server). Mostly useful for debugging, it also requires setting the OPERATOR_NAMESPACE environment variable for the operator own namespace.

  • -nodatabaseaccess disable database access from the operator. Equivalent to the enable_database_access set to off and can be overridden by the aforementioned operator configuration option.

  • -noteamsapi disable access to the teams API. Equivalent to the enable_teams_api set to off can can be overridden by the aforementioned operator configuration option.

In addition to that, standard glog flags are also supported. For instance, one may want to add -alsologtostderr and -v=8 to debug the operator REST calls.

Environment variables

The following environment variables are accepted by the operator:

  • CONFIG_MAP_NAME name of the config map where the operator should look for its configuration. Must be present.

  • OPERATOR_NAMESPACE name of the namespace the operator runs it. Overrides autodetection by the operator itself.

  • WATCHED_NAMESPACE the name of the namespace the operator watches. Special '*' character denotes all namespaces. Empty value defaults to the operator namespace. Overrides the watched_namespace operator parameter.

  • SCALYR_API_KEY (deprecated) the value of the Scalyr API key to supply to the pods. Overrides the scalyr_api_key operator parameter.

  • CRD_READY_WAIT_TIMEOUT defines the timeout for the complete postgresql CRD creation. When not set default is 30s.

  • CRD_READY_WAIT_INTERVAL defines the interval between consecutive attempts waiting for the postgresql CRD to be created. The default is 5s.

  • ENABLE_JSON_LOGGING Set to true for JSON formatted logging output. The default is false.